President's Message

Patricia Cameron
I am honored to be serving as your President and look forward to working with all of you on the issues that are facing us today as well as moving us into the future.  Many of these issues include survivor benefits through legislative action, outreach to members at large with no chapters to call home, organized events for members to participate in, helping to create strong recognition in Washington D.C. with a legislative voice from all members and so much more.
We all have a story to share of our loss, which is what bonds us together.  I will share mine and hope to hear each of yours as we meet over the coming year.
I am the surviving spouse of John Cameron, an Army Reserve Retired Major who passed away in 2010 at age 65, after succumbing to his battle with cancer.

John entered the Army as an E-2 and his first assignment was at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  In his first enlistment, John applied to Officers Candidate School, and he was accepted and graduated. What a memorable moment!

John left the active-duty Army as a Captain and continued to serve his country in the Reserves where he was promoted to Major.  After leaving the Army John continued to work on Fort Sill as a Civil Service employee until his retirement.

After years of working hard, we were able to spend more time together, visit with family and friends, travel, and accomplish many things we put off doing. His Birthday would have been in April.

Looking back at so many wonderful memories! The other day I drove by our very first home. A wave of memories came over me. I feel very blessed with our military friends and forming lifelong friendships. And, for the past thirteen years, the support and friendship’s continue as a member of the Society of Military Widows.

I Volunteered to be the SMW President. I want to see this wonderful organization continue and succeed.

I belong to many organizations, but I must admit, I feel more at home with the wonderful ladies of SMW. My thoughts go back to SMW founder, Teresa (Tess) Alexander, who started this wonderful organization in 1968, nearly 55 years ago. I am profoundly grateful that she formed the Society of Military Widows.

For more than 55 years, the Society of Military Widows has been on a mission to stand up for, support, and enhance the quality of life for every military family through bold advocacy, innovative programming, and dynamic and responsive solutions. 
Patricia Cameron
Society of Military Widows