In Memory

CHAPTER CHAPLAINS: Send your names and pictures of deceased members to the president for inclusion in this memory page.

Donations for Memorials will also be listed. 


Memorials for 2017:          Chapter 22    Marie Piper
Deaths reported 2017: 
Memorials for 2016:
                                       Chapter 6:     Billie M. Taylor 
                                       Chapter 13    Dorothy Pankratz 
                                                           Ada Scott
                                                           Evelyn Futch
                                                           Marge Melton
                                       Chapter 22    Shirley Hood
                                                           Elma Odegard
                                                           Pearl Spencer
                                                           Else Paynter 
                                       Chapter 28:    Katherine Thomas
                                                            Cordelia (Cordy) Woodward 
                                                            Virginia Sikorski 
                                       Chapter 30     Mary Penoyer
                                                            Ursula Alston
                                                            Carole Potter
                                                            Louise Gelsthorpe
                                                            Louisa Pullen 
                                       Chapter 35:    Irene Karlzen
Members recognized at 2016 Convention:
                                       Chapter 5:    Margorie Armstrong
                                       Chapter 6:    Nadine Mynes
                                                           Agnes Carr
                                                           Evelyn Vaughn
                                       Chapter 9:     Virginia Groah
                                                            Gayle Smith
                                       Chapter 14:   Carol Walker
                                       Chapter 15:   Margoe Edls
                                                           Johnnie Price
                                       Chapter 30:    Edna Nunnally
                                       Chapter 34:    Cora Hewlett
                                       Chapter 37:    Janis Elliott
                                                             Mildred Koch
                                                             Clara Sasser  (past N. Pres.)