Along with our new website, we are opening a Blog where we would love to hear from you and your experiences with your many years of Military Service...(notice I say your service, as you, along with your husband, also served)  We all have many stories of moves, problems during deployment of your spouse, bases where we lived both in the USA and overseas, and going through the process of bereavement with our families.  
We will continue to update our Legislative pages, print notices of changes in benefits, and post information that we think will help you to keep up with current events.
The first important message.... YOU MUST GET OUT AND VOTE!  Events show us a rapidly changing policy for supporting the military.   If you want your concerns voiced, you have to make an effort to let our elected representatives know how you feel.
We will welcome your comments on this site....tell us about your concerns, try to contact an old friend, or just connect with someone you might like to get to know.
Many of you will have to have your families handle on-line contacts--enlist your Grandchildren, they know more about computers than any of us!
Pat Shecter,  
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Posted by Janet Snyder on 12-May-2017 at 17:08:21 EST
Subject: Reply to Barbara Miller

To Barbara Miller: Call me at (702) 227-6566.

Posted by Barbara Miller on 06-May-2017 at 09:33:37 EST
Subject: 8306601806

Is there any free help to make my home safe so I can continue to live in my home, I do not want to go to a nursing home. I am 84 and need help.

Posted by Janet Snyder on 03-May-2017 at 05:32:50 EST

To All Chapter Presidents in SMW: Please send me the names of all the deceased members in your chapter in the past year. We need these names for the Memorial Service at the SMW Convention in Las Vegas on October 15 - 20, 2017. Make your reservations to attend the SMW Convention and encourage all your members to attend.

Posted by Janet Snyder on 31-Mar-2017 at 08:09:14 EST
Subject: Thank you

Dear Pat, Dear Helmi, Thank you both for your great work on the SMW website. You are both doing a wonderful service, to keep all of us informed on the latest news in SMW.

Posted by Pat Shecter on 31-Dec-2016 at 11:24:00 EST
Subject: Correction

Just noticed that you can't put in a paragraph break in this, so ignore the symbols.

Posted by Pat Shecter on 31-Dec-2016 at 11:18:11 EST

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers, this will be a year of many changes to our organization. Follow our legislative issues and contact your Congressional members. <br><br>We will try to get dues and organization information posted as soon as possible. There will be changes to our membership brochure and forms also.<br><br>So keep in touch with us, we need to stay strong and stay together

Posted by Nancy Redmond ( on 17-Feb-2016 at 08:56:54 EST
Subject: Military Widows

I saw your blog about being a military widow and I want to reach out to share a project we would love to invite you to join.<br>Grief Diaries is a series of books dedicated to sharing stories exploring life’s challenges and wounds. The first eight titles were published in December 2015, and due to popular demand, more than thirty new titles are planned for 2016. One of our new titles is Through the Eyes of Fallen Hero Wives. With your expertise on this issue coupled with your writing experience, we would love to have you join us. The project is user-friendly: once registered, you receive three questions every week for six weeks. The collection of answers is compiled systematically into chapters.<br>Our registration includes anthology copyright permission only, preserving your past and future publishing endeavors. Bestselling authors and novice writers from around the world who share our mission of raising awareness have joined our book projects, over 200 since launching six months ago.<br>To learn more about how the project works, visit To register, click on the book cover labeled Through the Eyes of Fallen Hero Wives.<br>Thank you for considering our invitation to help raise awareness while offering comfort to those in need.<br><br>Warm regards,<br>Nancy<br><br>Nancy Redmond, Assistant Marketing Director<br><br><br><br><br>MISSION: To raise awareness, shed insight, and offer comfort and hope to others who share our shoes.

Posted by ETTA BROWN,CHAPTER 13,RIVERSIDE on 21-Oct-2015 at 15:46:45 EST
Subject: convention 15

Convention in Long Beach was one of the best in many years. The big difference is the "Hospitality Room" which provided a special place for members to meet and get to know each other. The cruise-type conventions were enjoyable but did not provide the opportunity to share as much with each other. Thanks to the " lil sisters" ,Cathy McGraw and President Patricia Walker for all the work you did to make this a memorable convention !<br>San Antonia ,here we come!

Posted by Patricia D Shecter on 15-Oct-2015 at 19:38:54 EST

Please check us out and leave us a comment.

Posted by Alicia Gonzalez on 15-Sep-2015 at 20:41:02 EST
Subject: Best Wishes

Pat, Thank you for all the great work you continue to do for SMW and Desert Rose Chapter 14. We are all looking forward to seeing you and many of the Chapter members want to visit with you perhaps for lunch one day. Last time you were not here long enough. It's wonderful that five of us are travelling together to Long Beach. See you soon. Love and God Bless. Alicia